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All Energy Harness products undergo rigorous design, manufacturing and testing processes. By handling this aspect ourselves, our procedures ensure that your lighting performs at an industry-leading level while also enjoying a longlasting and maintenance free lifespan.



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From the design to final testing, Energy Harness oversees every stage of their products life cycle.

Energy Harness


LED technology is quickly becoming a large part of the world, and Energy Harness is always looking for sales partners to join us.

With our ability to offer hands-on audits of customer sites and the technical expertise to supplement it, going through EHC ensures quality and precision in every application.

The benefits of LED lighting are becoming ever more substantial. With our ability to ship when and where you need it, we are capable of filling all of your clients’ needs.

We can distribute to anywhere in the United States. Get in touch today to become a reseller with Energy Harness and join the leading edge of the LED lighting revolution.

Energy Harness


All Energy Harness products undergo rigorous design, manufacturing and testing processes. Our process ensures that our lighting performs at an industry-leading level while also enjoying a longlasting and mainte-nance-free lifespan.

Along with being energy efficient, EHC’s products offer excellent lighting capabilities with most having an output of 120-160 lumens per watt. Most products comply with UL, DLC, FCC, IC CE, ETL, and RoHS standards.

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Technical Support

Energy Harness is always ready to provide technical support for any LED lighting issue. It doesn’t even have to be our own lights — we are here to help no matter the LED products.

You can call us to come to your company or job site, and we can diagnose the problem and work for a solution. Energy Harness is also always happy to have people come through our door, and we can help you troubleshoot your issues. In
fact, you can see our showroom with the latest and greatest products we have to offer.

What we want to do for you at Energy Harness is to find solutions that will work for your needs. Give us a call or come by our office in either our Florida or Indiana locations.

Energy Harness

Lighting Consultations

Lighting consultations are a blend of what Energy Harness is best at; technical support and site audits. If you’re in need of lighting, but have questions or concerns about making it happen, this is where we come in.

We visit your site, you explain your lighting vision, and we assemble the technical details to make it happen! If we can’t find the right solution for you, we will make it.

We take great pride in our ability to customize LED lighting solutions to meet any need across the United States. We are always hungry for a chal-lenge, so give us a call today!

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Energy Harness


When it comes to installations, we follow the old Boy Scout rule: “Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.”

We do that well, not just with the work ethic of our professional installation teams, but with the lighting we leave behind. Our primary mission is to make you happy, and that is at the forefront of every Energy Harness technician’s mind.

Our professional team of LED installation specialists are well-versed in all things LED. From outdoor installations requiring lift work, to indoor installations around sensitive information, our team is well-equipped to tackle your next LED project.

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